The Better Burger Challenge aims to transform the iconic resource-intensive American hamburger into a force for better health, environmental sustainability, and animal welfare, while providing opportunities for independent family farmers and ranchers.  Our goal is to get hundreds of restaurants and institutions to develop and serve a better burger from Earth Week to the Fourth of July and beyond. These better burgers can be all veggie patties or a beef blend. A better beef burger replaces at least 30 percent of a typical 4 oz burger with mushrooms, veggies, or legumes, and uses the money saved to purchase grass-fed or organic beef from animals raised humanely on pastures using regenerative practices. The better veggie burger is made with certified organic veggies, legumes, and grains.

The Better Burger Challenge was initially launched as a collaboration between Friends of the Earth and Turning Green, with inspiration from the James Beard Foundation and Menus of Change’s blended burger initiatives. This multi-year campaign has the potential to rapidly grow the market for domestically produced, grass-fed meat and educate and mobilize students, food service, chefs, restaurants (and government officials too!) around the broader benefits of LESS and BETTER meat. We seek allied and institutional partners as well as financial support to scale this initiative.

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Friends of the Earth works at the nexus of environmental protection, economic policy and social justice to fundamentally transform the way our country and the world value people and the environment. We are part of a global grassroots environmental network with more than 70 member organizations worldwide. Our Good Food, Healthy Planet Campaign aims to reduce the harmful impacts of industrial agriculture by reducing consumption of factory-farmed, grain-fed animal products and increasing access to and availability of regenerative, grass-fed meat and organic plant-based foods.

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Turning Green engages and empowers youth from K-12 and higher education in the transition from conventional to conscious living, mobilizing action to sustain a healthy and just planet. This global student-led movement is devoted to education, advocacy and leadership development around environmentally and socially responsible choices for individuals, schools, and communities. One of its signature programs, The Conscious Kitchen, is a paradigm shifting new model for school food service, transitioning school meals from pre-packaged, processed food to chef-prepared, scratch-cooked meals, based on five attributes: Fresh, Local, Organic, Seasonal and Non-GMO (FLOSN).