Friends of the Earth, Turning Green, along with our partners and supporters, are asking chefs across the nation to serve a better burger on the menu between now and Memorial Day (5/29), the 4th of July – and beyond. The Better Burger Challenge aims to transform the iconic resource-intensive American hamburger into a force for better health, environmental sustainability, animal welfare and opportunity for family farmers and ranchers. A better beef burger replaces at least 30 percent of a typical grain-fed burger with mushrooms, veggies, and/or legumes. With the money saved, you can then purchase better quality, grass-fed or organic beef from well managed animals raised on pasture without routine antibiotics or hormones. A better veggie burger is made with certified organic veggies, legumes and grains.  

Action Steps

  1. Decide when you can feature the better beef and/or better veggie burger. Will you pick a single day (e.g. Memorial Day-5/29), or throughout the week (Earth Week), or permanently?
  2. Research the best options for switching your standard burger to a better burger. If you are a large institution that would require a pre-made better burger, please contact us at We are working to identify potential manufacturers. Consult our supplier list to identify local sources of organic products and regenerative beef. Here are some recipes to inspire you.
  3. Promote the challenge and the better burger with your customers. Doing a taste test before you put it on the menu could generate interest and excitement among your customers and help you figure out the best recipe to feature. Contact us for promotional materials.
  4. Generate media stories. If you’d like your burger or the producers you source from to be featured in media stories, let us know! We’re excited to help get feature stories written about chefs, restaurants and schools taking the challenge.
  5. Share with us recipes and pictures and any lessons that you have learned along the way at info@ With so many endless recipes and flavors, we are excited to share your creations and tips online so people can learn from each other. Once you get going, please send us the total number of better burgers served, so we can calculate the water and carbon emissions you saved. Also post pictures to @ butterburgernow on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.